Advice about Contracts

At Brittons solicitors we provide businesses and individuals with the documentation that they need to work well, grow and succeed. We also advise clients on issues of compliance, breaches of contract, claims and remedies, ensuring that they know their options and where they stand at all times.

Law for Business

At Brittons solicitors we are able to assist business clients with all their legal needs, whether you are a small family operated Business or a nation-wide company. Our team of commercial lawyers are uniquely placed to provide you with expert advice and legal assistance on commerical matters.


At Brittons Solicitors we can provide legal advice, employment tribunal representation, and draft or advise on employment contracts, compromise agreements and other employment related documents for both employers and employees.


At Brittons Solicitors we are able to help with you will all debt recovery and insolvency matters and advise you on the best method of enforcement to avoid unnecessary costs and impact on your business. We pride ourselves on offering a fast and efficient business debt recovery in a transparent and professional manner.

Buying and Selling Property

Moving home or office is both an exciting and a stressful time. For many people it is the most significant transaction that they will ever undertake. We have specialist property lawyers with a wealth of knowledge and experience who are supported by a conveyancing team. We provide clients with clear and concise advice with practical legal solutions to ensure that all their property transactions are in safe hands.

Divorce and Family

At Brittons we can help reduce the stress of family issues, and make sure that you are fully aware of all of your options. We offer a highly personal and tailored service and are adept at dealing with complex issues concerning divorce, co-habitation, civil partnership disputes and children issues..

Personal Injury

At Brittons we fully appreciate and sympathise with the effect an accident and injury can have on you and your family. As a result of your injuries you may not be able to return to work losing valuable income and work prospects. Our highly specialised solicitors are accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and will aim to ensure you receive maximum compensation.

Bereavement & Probate

When the death of a partner or close family friend occurs, in addition to the grief, distress and anxiety comes the burden of administration and legal requirements when you are least able to cope with it. At Brittons solicitors, our experienced staff can help assist with the terms of the will or intestacy rules, and assist with the sale of property assets or management of inheritance tax issues.


Wills & Inheritance

Whilst it is well known that Wills are important to ensure that your loved ones are looked after and your bills paid, it is also a chance to express yourself and convey your message. At Brittons Solicitors we believe that by getting to know you and your thoughts we can assist you in setting out your wishes in a legally binding Will that looks after your loved ones in the best way possible whilst reflecting your personality.

Other Problems

There are various ways in which disputes can be resolved. Where possible, and where appropriate, Brittons Solicitors will advise you on the alternatives available to you in order to resolve your dispute whilst meeting your objectives. From mediation, to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), to court proceedings we can help.